About Reiki

Reiki, meaning ‘universal life force energy’ is a simple and effective natural healing technique. It was discovered by Dr Mikao Usui, early in the twentieth century.

Reiki may encourage relaxation, emotional and spiritual healing. It may be considered as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Each treatment is unique and there may be sensations of heat or cold, tingling or pulses of energy experienced. A Reiki treatment may unite mind, body and spirit and allow energy that has become blocked to become free flowing once again. This is considered to be the basis of well being. The human body has an innate healing capacity which enables it to maintain and repair itself.

The number and frequency of treatment sessions will vary for each individual. This can be determined at initial consultation and reviewed as the treatments progress.

During treatment, Reiki energy is released to each of the Chakra points, which are the energy centres in the body. The hand positions are held for approximately three minutes.

The Chakra’s are considered to be the main energy centres in the body and are shown below. Some possible benefits of Reiki are also highlighted below.